Three-Phase Squirrel-Cage

Induction Motors


High-graded insulation and generous electrical dimensioning give the motor a high overload.


Second-generation, high temperature, spike-resistant magnet wire for extended motor life. Stator impregnated with extra-heavy varnish system. 1.15 Service Factor.

Grease bearing nozzle for easy lubrication and service. (160-500)

A oil seal on the shaft protects the drive-end bearing from dirt and moisture. The inner bearing cover has a felt seal.

One-way, corrosion resistant condensate drains. (TEFC models) release condensation and moisture.






(Front and Rear) Grease Bearing nozzle (160-500)

Effective, robust corrosion protection means that the motor can be used in all environments.

Three phase models suitable for inverter duty, as well as both 50Hz and 60Hz operation.

Meets or exceeds the 1997 mandated efficiency standards of the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Also meets or exceeds efficiency requirements of most electric utility rebate programs.

Thermistor: Embedded on frame 160-500


Available in 63 to 400 0.18KW to 450 KW

2 Poles to 8 Poles



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